Mana Yoga Center Over 30 years practicing yoga, Michaelle has developed a unique inspiring core based yoga practice, Yogalign.
FALL 2015

NOVEMBER 2 - 13, 2015


MAY 4 - 14, 2015

200 Hour teacher certification
March 14 - April 15, 2016


How is YogAlign training different, and what will the course teach?

People want to get out of pain, feel joy, and connect to source. YogAlign is about attaining natural alignment, not contorting to achieve poses. Once aligned, the more subtle realms of consciousness that the ancient yogis revered are more accessible.

We are a culture out of alignment and out of touch with feelings, movement, and our purpose in life ~ to love each other. Rather than being an asana factory, Kauai Yoga School focuses on getting you aligned without pain or injury and then you can teach it to others. This course has a strong emphasis in anatomy, physiology and neuroscience. 

In the the first three weeks, you upload an integration of natural aligned posture software in your body and mind. As you activate your internal forces of lift and radiance through YogAlign breathing work, you let go of the ingrained tension held in your emotions or physical armoring from trauma, yoga poses that do not follow natural design, fitness exercises or sports, sitting in chairs, or trying to keep your belly tight. You begin to get in touch with your true nature. We need to learn how to move and be with less effort on all levels, body, mind and spirit. There is actually no separation in any of these aspects of the self.

One of the simple definitions of yoga is ridding ourselves of the obstacles and learning the greatest love of all; self love. I watch as students go from rose buds to beautiful blossoms without pain, force or boot camp mentalities and practices. There is a profound love that permeates our training partially because of the location on my 5 acres of paradise but also because we are not trying to acquire more but actually learning to let go, receive, and do less. This course enables a strong acceleration of personal growth and power. The fourth and fifth weeks of the training, you are given the opportunity to practice teaching each other, and the last week of the training there is a practicum where clients from the outside come in and receive one-on-one instruction and teaching from the graduating students.

I can offer you CE credits if you are already certified but more important is giving you tools to truly help yourself and others to heal. Many people take my course who are already 200 hour certified and even 500 hour certified. Some people have practiced yoga for years, but they were still in pain and suffering from poor postural patterns. It has been said that being enlightened simply means thinking or doing one thing at a time. You will learn in the YogAlign course how to be aligned without effort, and how to communicate and connect with your body to stay in the moment at all times by practicing natural posture that is aligned by the movements of breathing. It will become innate, and you will not have to work at being in tune and aligned.

The lineage for the training comes by a deep transmission of source energy that is available to all of us, and I can show you how to open up to perceive and receive it. I listened within and the intelligent force that 'runs' my physical body showed me how to 'do' YogAlign. My first yoga teacher was Satchidananda back in the early 70s, but I did not join the ashram and instead moved to the wilds of Montana and Wyoming where I connected with the mountains and had a personal yoga practice. After 10 years of practice and moving to Kauai, I did complete teacher training with Erich Schiffman and also did some other teacher training seminars before getting injured and embarking on the quest to create a better system that made anatomical sense. I practiced ashtanga for two years, but mostly my work comes from client research done as an experienced massage therapist and yoga teacher. As far as I know, I am the only yoga teacher who shows before and after photos of their yoga clients as proof of the physical shift that occurs by learning YogAlign.

This course is not about worshipping gurus, although we study the yoga sutras and other sources of wisdom brought forth by enlightened people in many disciplines. This course helps people blossom into the unique expressions of the god force that we all are. Each person who studies with me is a unique individual, and how they integrate this course through the process of self inquiry and apply it to their life is entirely up to them. I have no interest in creating a cookie cutter teacher or system. I hold the ancient teachings of the science of yoga with deep respect, however as the press is now exposing, the asana forms are not ancient or bio-mechanically tested, and people are getting hurt both long and short term. Please read my press kit for more information about YogAlign.

I will be teaching experiential anatomy of the muscles, bones and fascia. Fascial anatomy is strongly emphasized based on the work of Thomas Myers, and we spend time developing proprioception skills and using reciprocal inhibition and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) to assist ourselves and others to rewire tension at the nervous system level. Nobody is required to perform specific poses as the entire list of asanas are positions mean to align and whatever pose can get you there is what you do. YogAlign practice is based on getting aligned, not contorted. If this makes sense to you, please come and join us, and feel free to call to discuss the details. with aloha, Michaelle.
Kauai Yoga School Six Week Teacher Training Graduates.
Topics to be covered in the training:

  • Learn to teach a powerful YogAlign class and conduct private session work with confidence and understanding of effective sequencing and safety.

  • Learn to work with natural alignment of the spine, and teach people to move and breathe from the psoas-diaphram connection.

  • Learn the Anatomy Trains fascial tensegrity models applied to obtaining natural alignment

  • Teach clients how to get flexible without stretching. Use proprioceptive neuro-muscular facilitation and reciprocal inhibition techniques to change muscle patterning at the nervous system level.

  • Hands on corrections and safe adjustments for your students.

  • Therapeutic yoga training to heal injuries, posture misalignments and chronic pain.

  • Pranayama for understanding and utilizing breath as the most essential tool in practice and teaching. YogAlign Sip Breathing and SSS Hale techniques are integrated into the practice.

  • Physiology and anatomy essential for understanding the body and how its is designed.

  • Self-massage techniques and partner poses.

  • Keep your teaching skills alive and intuitive so that your practice and teaching become a lifelong process of growth.

  • Learn how to read the body and assess a students flexibility, alignment and physio-emotional patterning.

  • Yoga philosophy, yamas and niyamas, mantra and chanting.

  • Hawaiian Spirituality and the meaning of Aloha

Graduation night dinner, YogAlign: Pain-Free Yoga From Your Inner Core,
Book and DVD are included in the cost.

Housing and food are additional costs Kauai Yoga School reserves a home or homes to share during the training. Please email Michaelle at if you want to share housing and transportation with other students.

10 day YogAlign certification is $1500 plus tax

6 week YogAlign Six week - 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered teacher training $3500 with a $500 discount offered if paid in full 60 days before start of the course. $500 deposit will secure your spot in any course however you must pay the tuition in full before the first day of the course.

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